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Detroit homeowners, step up your insulation game and dive into the generous rebates DTE Energy offers. And remember, with Ace, you don't have to navigate this alone.

We can help you navigate the online submittal process.

After the job is paid and completed, we’ll ensure you have everything you need to send to DTE to get your rebate back from them in 4-6 weeks!

2024 Rebates Coming Soon!

Rim/Band Joist
$50 rebate

Insulate a minimum of 50 square feet and all accessible rim joist areas.

Above-Grade Wall
$125 rebate

Insulate a minimum of 250-500 sq ft of wall.

$25 rebate

Insulate a minimum of 100 square feet of attic area.

Basement Wall
$50 rebate

Insulate a minimum of 200 square feet of wall area.

Crawl Space Wall
$50 rebate

Insulate a minimum of 100 square feet of wall area.

$50 rebate

Insulate a minimum of 100 square feet of wall area.



Get up to $400 in cash-back rebates for installing energy-efficient insulation. (2x rebates until 12/1/23 - up to $800)

Hire Ace

If you prefer to have a licensed contractor install your new insulation, Ace is a participating contractor. Ace does not represent or work for DTE.

  1. Contact Ace to arrange a home visit.
  2. Ace will advise you on improving your home insulation, submit a bid and review it with you.
  3. Ace will install the insulation and then submit a rebate application for you.
  4. Get your rebate in 4 to 6 weeks.

You qualify for a rebate if DTE is the primary provider of your home’s heat (most DTE natural gas and natural gas/electric combination customers qualify). Premise eligibility is limited to single family homes. Single family homes are defined as 2 or less connected units. Each unit must be individually metered for natural gas and electric and each unit must have its own heating, cooling and water heating equipment. New construction homes do not qualify.

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