Insulation Guides: Articles focused on insulation for older homes built before 1970.

November 18, 2020

Insulating older homes, especially those built before 1970, presents unique challenges and considerations due to different construction methods and materials used during that time. Creating insulation guides tailored to these homes can be helpful for homeowners looking to improve energy efficiency, comfort, and sustainability. Here’s an outline for articles focused on insulation for older homes:

Article 1: Understanding the Challenges of Insulating Homes Built Before 1970

  1. Introduction

    • Brief overview of the challenges specific to homes built before 1970.
  2. Common Construction Materials

    • Overview of the materials used in older homes (e.g., plaster, lath, limited insulation) and their impact on insulation.
  3. Identifying Insulation Gaps

    • Tips for homeowners to identify areas in their older homes that lack proper insulation.
  4. Building Codes and Changes Over Time

    • Explanation of how building codes have evolved and what that means for insulating older homes.

Article 2: Choosing the Right Insulation Materials for Older Homes

  1. Overview of Insulation Materials

    • Brief overview of various insulation materials suitable for older homes (e.g., cellulose, fiberglass, foam).
  2. Considerations for Retrofitting

    • Discuss considerations when retrofitting insulation in existing walls, attics, and floors.
  3. Preserving Historical Features

    • Tips on preserving the architectural integrity of older homes while adding insulation.

Article 3: Insulating Attics and Roofs in Older Homes

  1. Assessing Attic Insulation

    • Guidance on how to assess the current state of attic insulation in older homes.
  2. Types of Attic Insulation

    • Discuss different insulation materials suitable for attics and their pros and cons.
  3. Air Sealing Techniques

    • Explanation of the importance of air sealing and practical techniques for older attics.

Article 4: Wall Insulation for Homes Built Before 1970

  1. Common Wall Construction

    • Overview of common wall construction methods in older homes and their impact on insulation.
  2. Injection Foam and Dense Packing

    • Explanation of injection foam and dense packing as effective methods for insulating existing walls.
  3. Interior vs. Exterior Insulation

    • Discussion on the benefits and challenges of adding insulation to the interior or exterior of walls.

Article 5: Flooring and Foundation Insulation Solutions

  1. Crawl Spaces and Basements

    • Guidance on insulating crawl spaces and basements in older homes.
  2. Floor Insulation Techniques

    • Tips on insulating floors in older homes to improve comfort and energy efficiency.

Article 6: DIY vs. Professional Insulation Installation

  1. DIY Considerations

    • Pros and cons of homeowners attempting insulation projects themselves.
  2. When to Hire Professionals

    • Indications that a professional insulation contractor may be necessary, and what to expect.

Article 7: Funding and Incentives for Insulating Older Homes

  1. Government Programs

    • Overview of available government programs and incentives for insulating older homes.
  2. Energy Efficiency Grants

    • Information on grants and funding options for homeowners investing in energy-efficient upgrades.

Article 8: Case Studies and Success Stories

  1. Real-Life Examples

    • Showcasing successful insulation projects in older homes, including before-and-after photos.
  2. Lessons Learned

    • Insights and lessons learned from homeowners who have successfully insulated their older homes.

These articles can provide a comprehensive guide for homeowners of older homes, offering insights into the challenges they may face and providing practical solutions for improving insulation and energy efficiency.


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